On Formatting Stories

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Duesseldorf - June 15th, 2016
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On Formatting Stories - Duesseldorf, Germany
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This post will go through the main formatting and markdown features of your story-editor.

#Headers are created by prepending the # symbol.

You can make your text look __bold__ by putting it between double underscore. Single underscores will make your text look _italic_.

Double whitespace before a linebreak will mark the end of a paragraph.

°You can center paragraphs with a single degree symbol and everything else with two.°

Inline links written like this [Wandre]( will show as Wandre.

Putting brackets around your link like this [] will show your picture. Please make sure you have the rights to inline link the picture as many hosts only allow for embedding.

Embedding works as well, however only limited hosts including Youtube, Instagram and Imgur are whitelisted currently.

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